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DOC has been skiing since he was able to walk. He got an early start when a group in Wisconsin took a few of the young athletes and taught them to be ski jumpers. Doc jumped in competition until WWII started. He served in the army and made three invasions. One in North Africa and two more in Italy. He was a scout in a tank division much of the time behind enemy lines, until the Americans reached the Italian Alps. When the 10th Mountain Division went overseas near the end of the Italian Campaign, he join them for more combat, only this time on skis. He has over 50 years of retail experience in the ski industry. He has been in a personal relationship knowing them on a first name basis with such people as Franz Volkl, Hannes Marker, Howard Head, Gorge Salomon, Ed Scott, Joseph Fischer, David Goode, Willy Bogner, and more. Most of Doc’s family lives in the Aspen/ Snowmass area where they are ski instructors and ski patrol. Come in and say hello to a legend at DOC’s SKI & SPORTS.

DENNY is Doc’s grandson. Denny grew up skiing in Colorado along with his dad and brother. Since most of the family were ski instructors in Colorado, he was able to hold his own with the best. He is at the store every day to help you with your skiing needs.

SUZIE is Doc’s daughter who has taught skiing for many years. She has worked in the ski industry and knows the products we sell. She is very knowledgeable and is able to assist in all of your skiing needs.

CHRIS has a lot of experience in mounting all bindings and tuning skis and snowboards. He is meticulous in working on equipment. He uses a hydroidic commuter to adjust the bindings on skis and get a printout reading when he is finished. Chris is certified in all bindings that we carry. He takes a lot of pride in fitting boots properly. He can also work on pressure points to make your boots more comfortable.

VAN is a fine snowboarder and skier. He has been on the slopes for many years both in the USA and Foreign Countries. He’s great in fitting of boots and getting the person on the right ski. He is very knowledgeable about all of the equipment necessary to make your trip to the snow enjoyable.

TED is a fine ski and snowboard tuner. He also mounts bindings. He is certified on all the bindings that we carry. He is an excellent boot fitter and knows his skis well. Originally from the East Coast Ski Areas, he understands the snow conditions wherever you go skiing.

ALIA is extremely knowledgeable about the apparel we sell. He has a lot of experience in what a person would need for your trip or ski vacation. He will also help in picking the right color combinations to make you look good with the proper fit.